Classic Accuracy National Championship

2017 Classic Accuracy National Championships

The Classic Accuracy National Championships took place over the August Bank Holiday Weekend at South Cerney Airfield.

22 pilots took part in the competition with 11 rounds completed over the 3 day weekend.

Thanks go to all the judges, drivers, launch marshalls and winch operators as well as all the pilots, who without their hard work and support the competition would not have run so smooth. 

Classic Accuracy Nationals Previous Winner

Year Location Individual Team
1973   R Lambert  
1974 Watchfield B Shaw GLNSPC
1975   Adrian Holdstock  
1976   Dave Burns GLNSPC
1977   Ian  Parrott GLNSPC
1978   Keith Parrott GLNSPC
1979   Andy Cowley Harley Chutes
1980 Spitalgate Andy Cowley Paraglide
1981 Spitalgate John Harbutt Paraglide
1982   John Harbutt Harley Chutes
1983 North Weald Andy Cowley 2 Para
1984 Bassingbourn Mike Shaw TRAC
1985 North Weald No competition  
1986 North Weald Ian Stanyon TRAC
1987 Little Rissington John Wiley GLNSPC
1988 North Weald Ian King GLNSPC
1989 Middle Wallop Mike Woodcock Green Dragons
1990 Middle Wallop Simon Dow Fly High
1991 Middle Wallop Steve Conn Green Dragons
1992 South Cerney Jane Tripp Icarus Wings
1993 South Cerney Andy Shaw Green Dragons
1994 South Cerney Andy Webster Green Dragons
1995 South Cerney Andy Shaw Green Dragons
1996 Middle Wallop Derek Godfrey CYSPC
1997 Middle Wallop Andy Webster CYSPC
1998 Middle Wallop Andy Webster Birdwings
1999 Middle Wallop Andy Shaw CYSPC
2000 Middle Wallop Andy Shaw Green Dragons
2001 Middle Wallop Martin Robe CYSPC
2002 South Cerney John Lawrence Birdwings
2003 South Cerney Andy Webster Icarus Wings
2004 South Cerney Andy Shaw Icarus Wings
2005 South Cerney Derek Godfrey Green Dragons
2006 Thorney Island Derek Godfrey Birdwings
2007 Thorney Island Andy Webster Birdwings
2008 N Luffenham Andy Webster Green Dragons
2009 N Luffenham Andy Shaw Green Dragons
2010 Warlingham Derek Godfrey Icarus Wings
2011 South Cerney Martin Robe Scout Rebels
2012 South Cerney Simon Sykes Jnr Beyond Extreme
2013 South Cerney John Lawrence Birdwings
2014 South Cerney Martin Robe Birdwings
2015 South Cerney Dave Crowhurst Parachuting Upwards
2016 South Cerney Dave Crowhurst GLSW&S Scouts