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In Paragliding Accuracy there are UK club competitions, a UK National Championships, overseas open competitions, World Cup competitions, FAI European, Asian and World championships, World Games and World Air Games. There is also a FAI World Points Ranking System (WPRS).


Club competitions usually have league status and are open to all levels of pilots. Entry to the Paragliding Accuracy National Championships is for Club Pilots and above, however, there is a novice category for new club pilots and pilots without ratings. Pilots who have not achieved a Club Pilot rating will need to be accompanied by their own instructor at both the club and national competitions. The teams consist of three pilots at both the club competitions and national championships.

Overseas clubs and national bodies hold open competitions which are usually open to UK pilots of Club Pilot rating and above. The World Cup series consists of up to six competitions, in Europe and Asia, and are generally open to Club Pilots and above. Teams consist of four pilots at any one competition who can be selected from a larger pool of pilots who are only allowed to fly for one team in a year. There is usually prize money for the first three individual places at each competition and at the end of the year there are trophies for the overall individual and team series winners.

The FAI European and Asian Championships are held on alternate years to the World Championships. These championships are limited to national teams of seven pilots who have a UK Pilot rating or IPPI4 rating or above. Selection of the UK Team is organised by the BHPA Accuracy Panel and pilots interested in representing their country need to register for the Accuracy Squad. As yet there is no set frequency established for when the World Games and World Air Games are held, and entry is by FAI invitation only based on the WPRS. Countries which have the most pilots in the top rankings will get more invitations and because of this there is no team event.

UK club competitions, UK National Championships, overseas open competitions and World Cup competitions all require two completed rounds to be validated and are eligible for the British league. European, Asian, World Championships, World Games and the World Air Games require three completed rounds to be validated and do not count to the British league as they are not open to all British pilots.954651_10200808986200711_1118150664_n

The FAI World Points Ranking System (WPRS) is based on points that are gained from FAI category 1 and 2 (Cat 1&2) competitions. Club competitions and National Championships are eligible for Cat 2 status as long as they meet certain criteria and the organiser has registered the event with the FAI. The World Cup competitions have to be Cat 2 events, and European, Asian, World Championships, World Games and World Air Games have to meet the stricter criteria for Cat 1 status. To enter an FAI event pilots will need to hold an FAI licence that is obtained through the BHPA at a cost of £11. Pilots can still enter club competitions and National Championships without FAI licences, and be eligible for competition awards, but will obviously not get any FAI points. The World Points Ranking are based on factors such as pilot placing, number of pilots and pilot quality at each competition.


If you would like to have a go at Accuracy contact a member of the Accuracy Panel or search British Paragliding Accuracy Pilots on facebook and we will be happy to let you know any training weekends or competitions you can attend.

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