Squad training weekend- 12th-13th November

Message from Squad manager, Mark Bignell:

Ok Squad members, its getting close to the next training weekend. It seems that anyone thinking of camping need to be letting Nigel Barker know. He is arranging a camp site as we speak.
There will be time set aside for de-briefing the Nationals and planning our training schedule and 2 mini comps. There is a valuable prize for the Sunday mini comp.
weather permitting we will be at Rutland. Please could any judges thinking of coming let me know its a great opportunity to pile the pressure on the pilots, to be tough, make them sweat!
Any pilots wanting to join the squad please return your form as soon as possible.


Nigel Barker: I need 10 people confirmed for each night by close of play today, if we want camping facilities. If we get the numbers needed here, then I’ll let the site know but you’ll probably have to book and pay this weekend. Cheers Nigel.barker@gmail.com

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