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Welcome to the BHPA Accuracy Panel website!

Accuracy is a useful flying skill that may be needed on occasions if you have to land in a tight area especially on a paraglider after a cross country flight. However, the biggest reason why people fly accuracy is for the competitions, which can be addictive once you get the accuracy bug.

Paragliding Accuracy & Classic Accuracy

There are two competition codes; ‘Classic Accuracy’ and ‘Paragliding Accuracy’ which have different competition rules. ‘Classic Accuracy’ competitions take place on airfields where tow launched parachutes and parascending canopies are predominantly used by competitors, however, winched launched paragliders are also used. Pilots are allowed to fall over on landing in accordance with ‘Classic Accuracy’ rules. ‘Paragliding Accuracy’ competitions can take place on a hill or on an airfield using paragliders. These competitions are run in accordance with rules set out by the FAI, and pilots will be penalised if they fall over on landing. More information on the various competitions is provided on the ‘Competitions’ page of this website.

In ‘Paragliding Accuracy’ there are FAI World and European championships where pilots compete in national teams made up of seven pilots. The UK Team is selected from a squad of registered pilots using a performance based selection criteria. If you want to represent the United Kingdom you need to register with the squad, and more information is available on the ‘Squad’ page of this website.

The panel

The sport of accuracy is governed by the ‘BHPA Accuracy Panel’ whose core duties are to organise the two national championships and run the national team. Details of the panel members and their roles are provided on the ‘Accuracy Panel’ page of this website. Should you wish to find out more information on accuracy flying please contact any member of the Accuracy Panel.



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